Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kim chi with tofu - and all the lovely blogs out there

 We were at the Korean supermarket the other day and oh boy was I feeling like a doggie in a doggie park. This supermarket houses many interesting and delicious smelling things. There is a section for housewares and kim chi refrigerators, the food mart section, produce, meats, the bakery and bread section, but it is the kim chi section that is probably the most interesting for me. In-store made cucumber kim chi, radish kim chi, octopus kim chi, squid kim chi, mackerel kim chi, and on and on. So many things to try! Needless to say, I will have to go back soon. We purchased some noodles made from buckwheat and sweet potato flour, in-store fresh tofu, kim chi, vegetarian radish kim chi for sister Sandy, and eel kim chi.

Coming home and checking email, I was soon on a kim-chi infused blogger's high when I saw Miss Messy had nominated me with the Lovely Blog Award:

Miss Messy herself has an awesome blog. She's genuine and funny and her recipes are creative and super delicious looking. Along with her blog, the list below includes other lovely blogs:  (super baker with supreme bread recipes)  (delicious nuts and chocolate pudding recipe, amongst others!)  (beautiful blog with many great salad ideas and also Boston restaurant reviews)  (amazing blog, don't be fooled by his age)  (well-rounded blog, incorporating exercise posts and healthy recipe ideas)  (beautiful pictures, no recipes, but I think that's part of the fun: making it just based on her pictures!)  (delicious Philippine style recipes, complete with gorgeous photos)  (this site makes me nostalgic for Italy - recipes from all over Italy)  (very pretty blog with great pictures and unique and creative recipes)  (really yummy Korean style recipes, drool-inducing)  (bright and straightforward blog, unique recipe ideas!)  (awesome blog using local, organic ingredients for health and sustainability - I hope to accomplish this to the best of my ability!)  (great blog resource for nutrition info and nutritious recipes)

11 Random facts about myself:
I am competing in a try-a-triathlon relay next weekend.
I will do the swimming leg of the triathlon.
I am not ready for the triathlon.
Mixing sweet fruit with a salty cheese is probably one of my favorite flavour combinations.
I try my best to search for local, sustainably grown ingredients for my baking/cooking.
I'm tempted to mill my own flour.
I'm tempted to try collecting and growing wild yeast from my backyard (or someone else's) and bake with it.
I own a stuffed yeast doll. (yes, I didn't think they existed either!)
I love hazelnuts so much that I risk my allergy to eat them. (it is not a strong allergic reaction, so far...)
Hummus with Japanese rice is really yummy to me.
I'm a coffee addict.

Rules for this award:
1. Link back to whoever nominated you.
2. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers.

Thanks again Miss Messy for the nomination!

Now on to the recipe...

Canola oil
5 sprigs green onion, cut 1 inch length-wise
1 clove garlic, minced

About 1 1/2 - 2 cups good quality tofu, cubed
1 cup kim chi
3 tbsp rice wine vinegar (optional, I used this because the kim chi was not fermented enough... and I really wanted to eat it)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro

Saute the green onions and garlic for a few minutes until slightly wilted and browned. Add in the tofu, kim chi, vinegar and let simmer for several minutes. Finish with cilantro and pepper. Serve immediately (goes well with a bowl of purple rice)


  1. Thank you for the nomination. I'm very flattered to be in such good company:)

  2. aw thanks! totally flattered! will be dropping by more often.. x

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    1. Ooopppps! Sorry for that. Made a mistake earlier. :-(

      Just want to thank you Jen for the vote of confidence! Makes me motivated to improve my site even more! Love your blog too!

      PS Love tofu, will try this recipe one of these days!

    2. No problem! You all deserve it!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words :) i'm totally a coffee addict too!! i love tofu and this looks superb!

  5. thanks for sharing.