Saturday, June 9, 2012

Naan with roasted garlic

This recipe was inspired from the pictures I saw on Manu's blog. Her naan looks beautiful and delicious and more authentic and one day I will follow her recipe to a T, but for today, because I am missing a few of those ingredients, I just did a bit of experimenting. And I'm happy to present to you a successful gresult!

250 mL warm water
1 1/2 tsp bread machine yeast
1 cup bread flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tbsp salt
Additional wheat flour

1/2 bulb of roasted garlic (or substitute with dried parsley or fried onions or cumin seeds or omit altogether)

Olive oil

Add yeast into warm water and let bubble for 5 - 10 mins. Mix in both flours and salt and let dough proof for a few hours.

Mix again and add additional wheat flour to prevent it from sticking. Make sure everything is well incorporated and dough is smooth. Let proof for another few hours, or overnight in the fridge.

Turn dough out onto floured surface.

Squeeze out the garlic from the bulb skin and chop (if not mushy) or mush (if not choppable) the cloves and knead into dough. You can also use a mixer to incorporate the garlic.

Divide dough into 6 pieces and roll out each as flat as you can. Heat a skillet to medium low and add olive oil to cover the surface. I use a pan with a copper bottom, and a cast iron will probably give better results, but I believe even if you have only a baking sheet to work with, the naan will be fine. This recipe is pretty forgiving!

Pick up the flattened dough and let gravity stretch it. Don't worry about keeping the dough thickness even, there will be some crunchy parts where the dough is thinner and softer/chewier parts where the dough is thicker.

Lay dough onto oiled pan and let it fry until it forms bubbles and bottom edge starts to brown. Flip over and let cook for about 2 mins.

If your dough is too thick and the surface becomes too brown but the inside uncooked, you can let the naan finish cooking in the oven at around 350 - 375 C. 

May your naan be a success!


  1. Naan is seriously my favorite bread, I could eat it everyday with anything =) thanks for sharing this recipe I will have to give it a try.

  2. Me too! It's especially good with the roasted garlic incorporated into the dough - I ate two naans right on the spot after they were done frying! Hope you enjoy the recipe!