Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Sylvester Stallone themed birthday party for the boyfriend

It all started a few months back while a group of old school friends were playing a game called Say Anything.

Basically, one person is the 'decider' and the rest of the group must discuss and write an answer to a question that would be best suited for the decider. Once the question is revealed, all the answers are placed in the center at any time, and no answer must be repeated. Here, the decider writes down which answer is best and keeps the answer secret.

Then each person places one chip on the answer they think is best suited for the decider. The decider then reveals which answer is best and those who put chips on that answer gets awarded points. The role of decider goes around the group; I think we did two full rounds until we declared a winner. We might not have followed the rules exactly but we had a good time trying to guess the answers or each player and for various sometimes crazy questions.

When it came time for the boyfriend to become decider, his question was:

"What character/actor/singer/celebrity would you want to be for a day?"

Believe it or not, he is not a Stallone fan. Most of us wrote his favourite singer, actor (Stephen Chow from many Cantonese movies of the '80s and early '90s), martial artist/actor, but that didn't leave many choices for the rest of us to write down.

That's when all the big guys starting appearing, real and fictional: "Arnold S" "Rocky" "Rambo" "Conan" and of course "Stallone".

We were all giggling like hyenas when he revealed that Stallone was the best answer.

And what could be a better idea for throwing a birthday party than a Stallone-themed birthday?

Pictures of Rambo, Rocky, Barney (leader of the Expendables), his role in Cliffhanger decorated the walls. Camouflage balloons littered the floors. "Eye of the Tiger" and other soundtrack music played in the background. Friends brought all sorts of goodies that would surely put Stallone in his tracks:

- Meaty sausage pasta
- Chunky vegetarian chili
- Deep dish meat and seafood pizza pies

- Army food pack, 1 meal (this was a real food pack from the U.S. Army that contained about 2000 cals total/person)
- "Rest in pieces" stuffed peppers

- Lots of sliders, wings, hummus and dips, homemade baguette, veggie sticks
Baguette (click for recipe)

Spinach and cauliflower dip (click for recipe)

- Tiramisu birthday cake
Biscotti (click for recipe)
- Biscotti party favours!

The boyfriend was in his usual "survivor" mode: he scrounged up some cement pieces, bricks, grill grates from his garage and built our very own backyard grill.

All in all, it turned out to be one very fun dinner birthday party.

Hope you and your loved ones enjoy something fun this coming weekend!


  1. I LOVED this post! A good theme is so much fun as you've shown and you did so much work! Your boyfriend is very lucky to have you :D

  2. Ooo, I hope he read your comment!!
    It was a lot of fun putting it together. Themed parties are so cheesy, but I really love them!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful bday jenbeans!! Yes I'm a lucky man. Haha.

  4. He is a very lucky guy indeed!
    Love the stuffed peppers.
    The grill reminds me of the make-shift grill we make
    when we visit my parents fish farm.
    Great Job!

  5. Sylvester Stallone, the legendary actor is highly popular and one of the best actor. As a fan, I would love to celebrate his birthday. I admire this awesome post. Thanks for sharing