Friday, August 31, 2012

August foodie pen pal: Chelsey Moore

The Lean Green Bean

This month, I signed up to participate in the Foodie Pen Pal program, which pairs you with another blogger/reader and is a great way to meet other foodies from your country as well as exchange some goodies. You can learn more about this program from the creator, Lindsay, at the Lean Green Bean.

My foodie pen pal for August is Chelsey Moore and she teaches fitness and manages this kick-ass site called Powerhouse Fit Foodie. If this site could walk and talk, it could literally kick my ass.

It's filled with all sorts of intense strength training, fat-busting workouts and exercise tips and also some great recipes. Check out her recipes for a nutrition packed breakfast of roasted veggie bake and butternut squash hash!

I wanted to post about how I felt before and after one of her workouts - I had my mind set on doing those 100 sequential burpees - so I turned on some music and got right down to it.

Djjaaaarrrhhhhh, I could only manage 15 of them before my arms started protesting. Slightly annoyed at myself, I also had to forgive myself for subjecting my untrained body to this intensity.

But I'll gain that strength, ooo you betcha I will....  One.... *oof...... damn burpee..... *djaarrr..... at a time.....

Meanwhile, I've been snacking happily on all these goodies she sent me.

The box was almost bursting open when it arrived - who doesn't love a bursting box! I was so excited that I just tore through the wrapping and was greeting with avocado oil chips, chili paste, plantain chips, teriyaki rice crackers, Black Masala Chai chocolates, hazelnut chocolates, and espresso! She also included a cute puppy card from the Canine Opportunity, People Empowerment charity, which trains and provides service dogs for children and people with disabilities. In this card Chelsey wrote:

"Hey there! Hope all of the goodies made it to you in one piece. I threw in some of my favourite things, I hope you enjoy!"

Seriously, it took all my strength just to not tear into every one and finish them on the spot. Maybe except for the chili paste.

Both 2-2 and I showed immense self-restraint that day....

Of course, once we opened the plantain chips, the avocado chips, chocolates, and rice crackers quickly disappeared. ;)

Thanks again Chelsey for all the wonderful goodies! 

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